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Cemeteries in around the world and Iran

     Ememzade Abdollah is one of the well-known cemeteries in Tehran in which lots of scientific, literary, and political celebrities such as Abdolhossein TEimoortash (the minister of Reza Shah Pahlavi court) are buried there

The tomb of Mirzade Eshghi (Ebne Babooye)

     The cemetery of Zahirodolle is a small cemetery in the north of Tehran beween Imamzade Ghasem and Tajrish where some of the Iranian artists, poets, and famous people are buried there

     Imamzade Saleh is the name of a tomb in Tjrish, Tehran. The inscription above the façade indicates that it is one of the sons of Imam Mossa Kazem and Imam Reza's brother, the 8th Imam of Shiaa

     The tomb is attributed to Saleh, Imam Mosa Kazem's son. The courtyard was a public cemetery and in the late twenty years almost all the graves have been destroyed and just some of tombstones are still there, for example the tombstone of Mohammadvali Tonekaboni (The Major General). It is said that the head of this Imamzade is buried there and the body is buried in a tome with the same name in Allighapou Square in Ardebil

     Shah Abdolazim or Abdolazim Hassani is one of the grandsons of Imam Hassan, the second Shiaa Imam which is located in Rey (the south of Tehran). Along with Imamzade Hamze and Imamzade Taher, This tomb has been one of the most famous places of pilgrimage in Iran

   . Behest Reza is the name of a cemetery in Mashhad which in near the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, and the reason for this nomination is its location

     .Behesht Fazl is name of the main cemetery in Neishabour which is next to the tomb of Fazlebne Shazan, and the reason for this nomination is its location

     .This cemetery is also called Shafazl and Shah Fazl

     Bagh Rezvan is the biggest cemetery in Esfahan

     Takht E Foulad is the oldest cemetery in Esfahan

     The exact date of it is not clear, but the existence of some things here indicates its antiquity to be for pre-Islamic era, for instace the tomb of the prophet Youshe' in "Lessan ol Arz" (nowadays it is located in Martyrs Section) one of the prophets of Israelites

     Imamzade Taher is the name of an Imamzade near Karaj. Since there is a cemetery next to it, it is the graveyard of many artists and intellectuals

     Khak Mossalla is a famous cemetery in the north of Shiraz, near Darvaze Ghoran, where Hafez is buried there

     The cemetery of Baqi is the tombs of four Shiaa Imams (Imam Hassan Mojtaba, Imam Sjjad, Imam Bagher, and Imam Sadegh). In addition, the tombs of many of The Prophet's wives, Abbas, The Prophet's uncle, Fateme Bente Assad, Imam Ali's mother and some of the other great people. Baqi is respectful for all the Islamic sects, and is now near The Holy Shrine of Hazrat Mohamad

     Highgate Cemetery is a famous historical cemetery in the north of London, England

    . It should be mentioned that, there are some sections provided to the Muslims in this cemetery and the tombs of some famous people are there. For example:

     The cemetery of Novodigi is a very famous historical cemetery in the center of Moscow, in The Federation of Russia.

     According to the social personality, above the tomb of each famous person in the cemetery of Novodigi, there is a sculpture or symbol which is the work of great artists of The Soviet Union such as Nikolay Adrif, Ivan Shader, Sir Ge'ie Merkvirof, and Zinoy Vassilinski.

     The cemetery of Per Lashez with 43 acres is the largest cemetery in Paris and one of the most famous cemeteries in the world.

     It is said that it is located in the 20th area in Paris and is the most visited cemetery in the world. Lots of famous people are buried there.