12/19/2018 - چهارشنبه 28 آذر 1397 |

Emergency units
Several units have been made in the organization for the benefit of the customers which are as follows


 Deployment location  Telephone  UNIT Name
 Orujian Complex 55227495,51633209 Police station
 Orujian Complex
51633115 Emergency
  Orujian Complex
 51633824 Internal 128 Martyrs emergency
 Southern side of the holy shrine  125 Holy Shrine fire station
  Orujian Complex    51633741 Panegyrists monitoring unit
 Administrative building No. 3 (Central)  51633035,55202561-3 Managing Director Office
 Administrative building No. 3 (Central)  51633045,55202560 public relations department
  Administrative building No. 3 (Central)  51633054,55201534 Organization security
 Administrative building No. 3 (Central) 51633061,55217156 Organization Inspection
Workshop Complex  51633790,55208404 Chief of Organization Security
 Orujian Complex  88901226,51633200-3 Ambulance Terminal of Behesht-e Zahra(God’s  Peace upon Her)
   Orujian Complex
 51633787-8 County ambulance
 Section 19  55201031-9,51633000-9 Organization Message Center
 Phase 3
 51633333 Water and electricity failures