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Portal History

History of the Portal

     This site has been launched since 2003 and its content and technical view has been completely revised before that.

     At the same time with Dr. Ghalibaf's office as Tehtan mayor and the serious attempts of urban management to develop and expansion of IT in the management of organizations and municipality areas and also putting up the agenda of Behesht Zahra's organizational portal as the only active and concentrated cemetery in Tehran has attempted to provide services in this area.

     By consultations with the ITO portal of Tehran municipality, the initial framework of the site has been produced which is culturally matches cemetery's activities in the jurisprudence of Shiaa Jafari and Islamic teachings, with respect to technical issues.

     This site has been designed and produced in different sections spatially development of technology and providing electronic services:

1-      Producing a new skin;

2-      Producing modules to search for the deceased;

3-      Adding different cultural contents such as articles, ruling and burying, special martyrs, the nobles, etc;

4-      New plan of the site with the third phase of expansion;

5-      Putting multi-media facilities such as: a short clip of introduction of the organization, TV interviews;

6-      Adding visual reports and short news and tenders and auctions bids.

     Behest-e Zahra(God’ Peace upon Her) organization is now making a module for providing a summary of death stories of Tehran and the final steps of examining is being done and is desiging a module for reservation of electronic services including reservation of ceremonial services, selling flowers, etc.

Activities in 2011

1-      Producing a new skin;

2-      Producing a cell-phone application in three versions of Android, IOS, and Java.

3-      Gaining second and third place in the fifth and the sixth festival revolving around technology.

Activities in 2014

1-   Producing a new skin.